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This was the best AI in change management presentation I’ve seen yet!    

I think this is the first I've ever attended that actually SHOW how to do things with these tools rather than just talk about it theoretically. 

               B. Newman

               Change Management Consultant


I love this! I am focusing on learning how to use AI with Change Maagement.

             C. Moch

             Sr. Change Management Leader

The workshop overall was amazing, especially compared to past sessions on this topic. The presentation was amazing to look at and did not appear too light in content or overwhelming and your passion and expertise with Change Management came through which was a joy to see from a facilitator and learner perspective.

“10-10-10!" Amazing."

                              A. Smith

                             Country Financial

The only comment I have is Ah-Mazing. I'm already wanting a part 2 of this training.

                           P. Aguillar

                           Insurance Industry

I loved the fidget toys; they were really fun. I also appreciated the fact that we spent the first half of the day really understanding change and how people transition through it. Pam said she wanted us to understand the process before learning a tool. I was impressed how invested she was in making sure we understood what matters versus pushing tools or a methodology. Her style of teaching is calming.

                         A. Higgins

                         Manufacturing Industry

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This workshop was very timely and provided actual tips on how to help us, as leaders understand our role as an agent of change.

                      J. Guidry

                      Manufacturing Industry

I never heard of the Iceberg method before today, but it has given me the tools I need to avoid making conclusions on others' behaviors and realize fear causes what we tag as resistance.

                       A. Daley

                       Healthcare Industry 

Wow! Pam truly is an inspirational facilitator. There was a perfect mix of information and interaction.  Her passion for what she does is undeniable. I liked the card game; it was fun and we learned a lot about each other. I would love to attend more workshops like this one.

                         T. Dawson

                         Oil & Gas Industry

I really appreciated that the presenter shared examples that happened within her job. It helped her connect to us as learners and provided additional examples of how you can use these in real life.

          Multi-Cultural Leadership Program

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I have learned more in this 1-day workshop than I did at the "Other three-day certification.” I feel confident in my ability to take what I have learned and execute change management on my internal projects. I wish I could have gone through this workshop first.

                        A. Pierce

                        Manufacturing Industry

Hands down, the best change management training I have attended.  Pam facilitated the class in a very easy to understand and follow manner. Her storytelling was AMAZING! Training is usually boring, but she kept my attention the entire time. 

                       T. Smith

                         Healthcare Industry


Pam's attention to detail is impeccable. She built and executed a solid change management plan for our SAP S/4HANA training implementation. Pam and her team came into the project pretty late and immediately moved us in the right direction. I don't often see our leadership rave about change management, but in this instance, we are more than happy to endorse the level of high-quality education and work performed in a concentrated period of time.

                      M. Sutherland

                      Manufacturing Industry               



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