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Change Management Workshop: Non-Practitioner and Practitioner

About the Offering

The 1-day ​​Change Non-Practitioner Workshop is designed for those interested in building their change management skillset, but not becoming a change practitioner. This workshop will provide the fundamentals of change management, with practical examples to sharpen the change skillset and build the change muscle of your organization.

The 2-day Change Practitioner Workshop is a customized, cost-effective offering designed to teach a simple, yet powerful methodology to execute change. This workshop is intended for those who are either a change practitioner looking to refresh their knowledge or those new to becoming a practitioner. We teach what is needed to successfully execute change management, the right way. This workshop ensures your organization is ready to sustain the changes put in place during implementation, so you won't be caught off guard post-implementation.

*These workshops can be paired with the Change Management Office Build service offering, providing a complete Change Office Capability service offering.


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