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Change Navigators is embarking on a transformative journey to explore the multifaceted world of change management. Join us as we delve into a diverse array of captivating topics, uncovering valuable insights – from leveraging AI in Change Management to mastering Change Implementation Sponsorship. Click on the podcsat graphic to view the content.

Coming Soon - May 21: Change Makers, Project Shakers: A Unified Approach

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Coming Soon - May 23: Changeology: Bridging L&D and Organizational Change

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Coming Soon - May 28: Triangle of Transfomation: Change, Project, and Leadership

Unlocking Synergy How Change Management and Project Management Power Up Your Projects (1).

Coming Soon - June 3: Chatter Matters: Unlocking Success Through Change Communications

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Coming Soon - June 6: From Resistance to Resilience: Mastering Change Leadership

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Change Clinic Podcasts

Unleashing the Power of AI: The Intersection of Change Management and AI

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The Interconnectedness Between Project Management and Change Management

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Enabling Change Within Organizations

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Part 1: Unlocking Synergy: How Change Mgmt & Project Mgmt Power Up Your Projects

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Part 2: From Silos to Synergy: Building Bridges Across Disciplines

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