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Our deployment plans are tailored to unique organizational needs, ensuring a successful transition. Every journey is different and our engagement approach is not a generic approach carried from client to client. You are unique and so is your change!

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Change Management Office Build

Initiative: Build Internal Change Management Office

Initiative Definition: This goal of this project was to design and deploy a Change Management Office for a Global Manufacturing organization.

Services Executed:

  • Built a Change Management Office (CMO) - staffed with 9 resources, full-time and contract

  • Built a methodology and toolset to drive consistency in execution

  • Created a governance plan and staffing model for how the CMO will function

  • Designed an intake process to vet and prioritize CMO project and organizational initiative requests

  • Executed Stakeholder, Impact, and Readiness Assessments and designed a robust change plan 

  • Designed a creative and compelling communications campaign to drive awareness and understanding of what the CMO is and how to work with the department


Cross-functional Collaborations:​

  • Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

  • IT

  • Corporate Communications

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Legal


Impacted Audience: 8K employees​

Impact Locations: 8 US-Based locations and Canada

Project Timeline:  9 months

Project Budget: $1.5M


SAP S/4HANA Implementation

Project: Global SAP S/4HANA ERP Implementation for a Manufacturing Client

Project Definition: The organization undertook a project to implement the SAP ERP Platform, to include SAP SuccessFactors (ECC & MSS) and 9 S/4HANA Cloud-Suite modules.

Services Offered:

  • Built a centralized Change Management Office (CMO)

  • Executed a full Stakeholder Assessment and Stakeholder Mapping exercise

  • Conducted 9 Change Impact Assessment (CIA) workshops to understand and document current and future state - output informed overall program change management plan

  • Facilitated 20+ Job/role mapping sessions to determine which employees are to be mapped to what SAP role and subsequent training course(s)

  • Designed robust Global Communications Campaign - keeping leaders and business unit heads aware of decisions and actions

  • Built and managed a Global Change Champion Network (GCCN) and S/4HANA Super User Network (SUN)

  • Built a robust Train-the-Trainer Program (T3)

  • Designed Global Site Readiness Deployment Teams

  • Partnered with the training team to design a comprehensive suite of 90+ end-user training courses

  • Designed a Training Plan to train/upskill all employees on new roles and SAP job tasks

  • Served as an Advisor to Senior Leadership

Cross-functional Collaborations:

  • Project Sponsor

  • Project Manager

  • Human Resources - Global HRBPs 

  • Legal

  • HR Executive Leadership

  • Site Readiness Deployment Leadership

  • Functional Executive Leadership

  • Business Unit Leadership

  • Regional Union Leadership

  • Technical and Functional Project Team Leads and Members

  • Corporate Communications

  • Marketing Communications

Impacted Audience: 3200 Global full-time and 1000 contract employees 

Impact Locations: US, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, China, S. Korea

Project Timeline: 2.5 years

Project Budget: $55M

Image by Christian Wiediger
Image by Guille Álvarez


SuccessFactors ECC & MSS

Project: HR Employee Central and Manager Self-Service Systems Implementation

Project Definition: This goal of this project was to transition a workday HR system to SAP SuccessFactors HR Suite

Services Executed:

  • Completed Stakeholder and Readiness Assessments to identify impacted stakeholder groups and their perceived readiness for the change

  • Conducted an Impact Assessment to what is changing that stakeholders will notice, what needs to be called out in communications or training, what might need action or two-way discussion

  • Designed a creative and compelling communications campaign to drive awareness, understanding, and ultimate adoption and utilization

  • Organized SuccessFactors demonstration events

  • Conducted a detailed training needs analysis

  • Developed a training strategy for what types of materials are needed, who will be supported and how will training be deployed

  • Created a curriculum plan, and designed templates for end-user training materials.

  • Execute deployment of training to end-user audiences

Cross-functional Collaborations:

  • CHRO

  • HRBP

  • HR Managers

  • HR Specialists

  • Corporate Communications

  • Leaders from Functional Business Units

  • Legal

  • Audit

  • IT

Impacted Audience: 5K employees 

Impact Locations: Multiple US and Global Locations

Project Timeline: 8 Months

Project Budget: $3M


M&A Change Management (Oil & Gas)

Project: Acquisition of Oil Field Services Company

Project Definition: The #2 Oil Field Services Company acquiring the #3 Oil Field Services Company

Services Executed:

  • Managed a 7-member internal Change Management team and a 15+-member vendor change team

  • Responsible for localization of change management for the Company's Eastern Hemisphere (30k employees across 24 Countries)

  • Executed location-specific Stakeholder, Impact, and Readiness Assessments and designed localized change plans addressing their specific needs

  • Designed a comprehensive communications campaign to drive awareness, understanding, and ultimate adoption and utilization (all in local languages)

  • Executed Leader Alignment sessions

  • Conducted best-fit role assignment for M&A

  • Attended current state process workshops and worked with multi-disciplinary teams to determine what future state processes should be

  • Partnered with HR on future state Target Operating Model (TOM) and timing of announcements

Cross-functional/Cross-Organization Collaborations:​

  • CEO

  • CIO

  • IT

  • M&A Clean Team (both Companies)

  • Local Eastern Hemisphere Leadership 

  • Project Team (Functional/Technical SMEs)

  • Change Management Office

  • Corporate Communications

  • Marketing Communications

  • Human Resources

  • Legal (US & International)

  • Regulatory

Impacted Audience: 30K employees - Eastern Hemisphere

Impacted Locations: 24 Countries across the Eastern Hemisphere, i.e., Dubai, Russia, London, Kuala Lumpur

Project Timeline: 1.5 years

Project Budget: $34B

Image by Max Harlynking

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